Python Programming

MCQs – Python Programming Language – 1

Online Multiple Choice Questions about Learning Python Programming. It will help the learners to get knowledge of Python not only for learning the language but also to get some practices about Statistics with reference to Python Programming.

1. Which of the following is not a comparison operator (these return a boolean value of true or false).


2. Which data structure is [1,2,3,4].


3. What is a Python library?


4. How can wel tell what version of python we aer currently using?


5. Before using pandas which code must first be run to make the library available?


6. Which data structure is {'one':1, 'two':2}.


7. What function(s) would print out the total missing data values for all columns of the data frame main_data?


8. Why is Python such a popular language?


9. Which is not important when writing Python code?


10. Suppose you have a data frame named dfWhat does the following method do to the data frame df.head(12).


11. We have a data frame called df, choose the correct pandas property that shows you the number of rows and columns in the data frame.


12. How do you print “X is large” if $X$ is greater than 28 in Python?


13. What datatype would the following variable have main_data=read.csv("path/to/myfile.csv")


14. Which command will grab the last few rows of a dataframe?


15. We have a data frame called df. Which pandas property is used to check the columns’ data types?


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