R Language MCQs 1

This quiz will help you to learn and practice about R language.

This quiz “MCQs R Language” will help you to check your ability to execute some basic operations on objects in the R language, and it will also help you to understand some basic concepts. This quiz may also improve your computational understanding.

1. How many types of R objects are present in R data type?


2. R Language functionality is divided into a number of ________


3. The ____________ in R is a vector.


4. Vectors come in two parts _____ and _____.


5. In 1991, R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in the Department of Statistics at the University of


6. R is an __________ programming language?


7. Many quantitative analysts use R as their ____ tool?


8. In R Language every operation has a ______ call?


9. R was named partly after the first names of ____ R authors?


10. Packages are useful in collecting sets into a _____ unit


11. Which of the following command will find the maximum value in the vector x, exclude the missing values


12. R is an interpreted language.  It can be access through _____________ ?


13. _________ and _________ are types of matrices functions?


14. Which of the following is a primary tool for debugging?


15. R is technically much closer to the Scheme language than it is to the original _____ language.


16. _________ initiates an infinite loop right from the start.


17. Which function is used to create the vector with more than one element?


18. Who developed R?


19. _______ command is used to skip an iteration of a loop.