R Language Test 3

This quiz “R Language Test” will help you to check your ability to execute some basic operations on objects in the R language, and it will also help you to understand some basic concepts. This quiz may also improve your computational understanding.

The R language quiz covers some looping functions such as apply(), lapply(), mapply(), sapply(), and tapply(). Results from execution of r codes is also asked.

1. The lapply( ) function takes _______ arguments


2. R comes with a ________ to help you optimize your code and improve its performance.


3. Which of the following is an example of a vectorized operation for subtraction operation

> x<- 1:4
> y<- 6:9


4. Which of the following method make a vector of repeated values?


5. The ________ function takes a vector or other objects and splits it into groups determined by a factor or list of factors.


6. Which of the following is used for Statistical analysis in R language?


7. _______ applies a function over the margins of an array


8. What would be the output of the following code?

> x <- 1:4
> y <- 6:9
> z <- x + y
> z


9. ______ function is same as lapply( )


10. _______ loop over a list and evaluate a function on each element


11. What would be the output of the following code?
> x <- 1:4
> x > 2


12. What would be the value of the following expression?

> log(-1)


13. ____ ____is used to apply a function over subsets of a vector


14. R functionality is divided into a number of


15. The debug( ) flags a function for ______ mode in R mode.


16. Which of the following is a base package for R language?


17. A matrix is _______ dimensionsinal rectangular data set?