About ME


I am Muhammad Imdad Ullah. In 2017, I earned my Ph.D. degree in Statistics from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan. The main concentration of my work in my Ph.D. was detection and collinearity and its remedy using some biased regression techniques such as ridge regression and Liu regression. I proposed two collinearity diagnostics in my Ph.D. work and also developed three R packages that are available on CRAN. The packages are mctest, lmridge, and liureg. I also have three publications related to these packages in The R Journal.

I am also teaching applied Statistics and Mathematics as a visiting lecturer in different departments of the University.

Following are the subjects taught by me.

  • Statistical Packages (SPSS and Minitab)
  • Design of experiment (Practical)
  • Business Statistics (I & II)
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Probability and Probability distributions (Practical)
  • Advanced Statistics (Sociology, Psychology)
  • Quantitative Methods Using SPSS
  • Quantitative Techniques


For a further list of publications visit: itfeature.com

 Conference Papers:


  • Hina A. H., Maryam H., Imdadullah M. and Malhotra M. (2012). Role of Hopelessness and Meaning in Life among Adults. Createspace Independent Publishing platform. ISBN 978-1479187287.
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