Simulation in R for Sampling (2024)

The post is about simulation for sampling in R Programming Language. It contains some useful basic examples for generating samples and then computing some basic calculations in generated data. Question 1: Simulate a coin toss 20 times. Question 2: Write R commands to find out the 95% confidence interval for the mean (unknown variance) from …

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R as a Calculator

In the Windows Operating system, The R installer will have created an icon for R on the desktop and a Start Menu item. Double-click the R icon to start the R Program; R will open the console, to type R commands. In this post, we will learn how to use R Language as a Calculator. The greater than sing …

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Introduction to R Language

The post is about an introduction to R Language. In this introduction to R Language, we will discuss here a short history of R programming language, obtaining R, the installation path of the language, installing R, and R console. Let us start with an introduction to the R language. What is R (Language) R is …

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