R Language Questions

The post is about R Language Questions that are commonly asked in interviews or R Language-related examinations and tests. R Language Questions Question: What is a file in R?Answer: A script file written in R has a file extension of R. Since, R is a programming language designed to perform statistical computing and graphics on …

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R Language Basics and R FAQs

The post is about R Language Basics and R Language Frequently Asked Questions. The contents are in the form of questions and answers. Let us start with R Language Basics Questions and Answers. R Basics Question: How to start (Run) R Language in the Windows Operating System?Answer: In Microsoft Windows, during installation, the R installer …

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Important Frequently Asked Questions about R

This post is about some frequently asked Questions about R Language. The frequently asked questions are about compilers in R, R packages, just in just-in-time compilers, procedural programming in R, and the Recycling rule of vectors. These questions will help you prepare for examinations and interviews. Question: What is a Compiler in R Language?Answer: A …

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