R Language Basics and R FAQs

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R Basics

Question: How to start (Run) R Language in the Windows Operating System?
Answer: In Microsoft Windows, during installation, the R installer will have created a Start menu item and an icon for R on your system’s desktop. Double-click the R icon from the desktop or the start menu list to Run the R program.

For Windows 7, 8, or 10, you can use a search term like “R x64 3.2.1” (64-bit version) or “R i386 3.2.1” (32-bit version). R GUI will launch.

Question: How R can be used as a calculator?
Answer: Starting R will open the console where the user can type commands. To use R as a calculator one has to enter the arithmetical expression after > prompt. For example

5 + 4
R language Basics and R as Calculator

R Workspace

Question: What is a workspace in R?
Answer: The workspace in R is an image that contains a record of the computations one has done and it may contain some saved results.

Question: How to record works[ace in R?
Answer: Rather than saving the workspace, one can record all the commands that one has entered in the R console. Recording work in R, the R workspace can be reproduced. The easiest way is to enter the commands in R’s script editor available in the File menu of R GUI.

R Script Editor

Question: What is R Script Editor?
Answer: The r script editor is a place where one can enter commands. Commands can be executed by highlighting them and hitting CTRL+R (mean RUN). At the end of an R session, one can save the final script for a permanent record of one’s work.

A text editor such as Notepad can also be used for this purpose.
Note that in the R console, only one command can be entered at a time because after pressing the Enter key the R command executed immediately.

Question: How to quit the R session?
Answer: In the R console on the R command prompt just type

q( )

Question: What is q()?
Answer: The q() is a function that is used to tell R to quit. When q() is entered in the R console and press the Enter key, you will be asked whether to save an image of the current workspace or not or to cancel. Note that only typing q tells R to show the content of this function. The action of this function is to quit R.

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